AWS specialises in design, supply and installation of non-combustible and high impact resistant building cladding, providing exceptional durability for commercial buildings.

Commercial Cladding Services We Offer

If you are looking for a free quotation for any of cladding services including:

► Fire Resistant Cladding

► Complete Recladding Solutions

► Commercial & Strata/OC Cladding 

► Cladding Repair & Maintenance

► Facade Restoration

What We Offer

If you are looking for a free quotation for any of cladding services including:

► External Walls
► Roof Cladding
► Commercial Cladding
► Cladding Maintenance
► Design

Metal Cladding

One of our preferred choices of cladding is metal. This could be aluminium, zinc, copper, bronze or titanium. Metal is a fantastic form of cladding, as it can be decorated to your preference. It’s safe, resistant to fire, rain and wind, plus it is a strong design sure to add value to your building.   fire, rain and winds, plus it is a strong design sure to add to your building. Metal also ensures thermal insulation, keeping all the heat in your home and reducing bill costs. Speak to our professional team today to discuss the best solution for your project.  

Cement Sheet Cladding

Fibre cement is an ideal material for exterior cladding panels as it offers many practical benefits, such as strength, durability and an excellent fire performance rating. Fibre cement cladding products are extremely low maintenance. 

Stone Cladding

Masonry cladding is widely used in heritage building, AWS can refurbish these cladding facades and match to the existing materials. Our highly skilled and experienced stone masons have completed many projects for our clients in the public and private sectors.  

Glass Cladding

Glass cladding is a widely common façade option for commercial properties. AWS can supply and install new glass cladding or remediate the existing glass panels to meet your requirements and needs.

Benefits of Cladding for Commercial Buildings

Fire Safety

Something that has been highlighted recently. Ensure that you choose a safe company that use the correct materials.

Low Maintenance

Once you get new cladding fitted, it is low maintenance. Checks only need to be carried out every so often.


It can also add a new layer to a building, offering a modern design and sleek exterior.

Thermal Insulation

Reduce energy bills, thanks to the thermal insulation that cladding provides. It keeps heat whilst still allowing air to flow, due to the ventilation properties.

Architectural Strength

It plays an important role in adding streng th to a structure and is one of the many layers to a building or roof.

Weather Resistance

Cladding from the 1980s does not offer great weather resistance. This is why many of the old builds have been refurbished. Cladding provides a layer of weather resistance to keep you protected from wind, rain and sun.

We provide quality cladding throughout Melbourne & Perth.

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