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AWS specialises in design, supply and installation of non-combustible and high impact resistant cladding panels, providing exceptional durability and mechanical benefits for strata & commercial buildings


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What We Offer

If you are looking for a free quotation for any of cladding services including:

► Fire Resistant Cladding

► Complete Recladding Solutions

► Commercial & Strata/OC Cladding 

► Cladding Repair & Maintenance

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What We Offer

If you are looking for a free quotation for any of cladding services including:

► External Walls
► Roof Cladding
► Commercial Cladding
► Cladding Maintenance
► Design

What is Cladding?

Cladding is what is used for a strong architectural addition to homes and roofing. It is what makes up a layer of the structure. This provides flexibility, ventilation, weather resistance, and thermal insulation.

There are different types of cladding and something that’s been highlighted often in recent times is that it needs to be safe. Ensure that you are picking a contractor with experience, that does not cut any corners.

The most common use of cladding materials is metal- such as stainless steel, zinc, copper, bronze, and titanium. All offering strength, resistance, and reliability. The old cladding designs and roof insulation from the 1980s is not capable of standing up to the weather.

Speak to experts such as our team and find out what you can do to make your building reliable and up to standard. Having responsible cladding will also offer extra insulation. This will save money in reduced energy bills.

Metal Cladding

One of our favourite choices of cladding is metal. This could be aluminium, zinc, copper, bronze or titanium. It is best to speak to a professional about the options for your particular building. Metal is a fantastic form of cladding, as it can be decorated to your preference.

It’s safe, resistant against the fire, rain and winds, plus it is a strong design sure to add to your building. Metal also ensures thermal insulation, keeping all the heat in your home and reducing bill costs.

Cement Sheet Cladding

Fibre cement is an ideal material for exterior cladding panels as it offers many practical benefits, such as strength, durability and an excellent fire performance rating.

Fibre cement cladding products are extremely low maintenance, which should be cleaned with water and a mild detergent, with no specialist chemicals or processes required. Colourfast, UV resistant and hydrophobic coatings can be applied to the panels to offer additional protection against weather and pollution.  

Stone Cladding

If you have a big budget then you may want to opt for the premium cladding made from stone. It is one that is largely discussed but isn’t always affordable for homes. It is an expensive addition, that showcases a natural feel as well as a robust layer to the building structure. Those looking to add a unique design to their home may want to look at the possibility of stone cladding.

Glass Cladding

One of the most popular cladding options of all, it is available at a great price for what’s offered. It is a safe cladding that is great against fire hazards, remains tough and also reduce energy consumption.


Fire Safety
Something that has been highlighted recently. Ensure that you choose a safe company that use the correct materials.
Low Maintenance
Once you get new cladding fitted, it is low maintenance. Checks only need to be carried out every so often.
It can also add a new layer to a building, offering a modern design and sleek exterior.
Thermal Insulation
Reduce energy bills, thanks to the thermal insulation that cladding provides. It keeps heat whilst still allowing air to flow, due to the ventilation properties.
Architectural Strength
It plays an important role in adding streng th to a structure and is one of the many layers to a building or roof.
Weather Resistance
Cladding from the 1980s does not offer great weather resistance. This is why many of the old builds have been refurbished. Cladding provides a layer of weather resistance to keep you protected from wind, rain and sun.

We provide quality cladding throughout Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.

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