AWS conduct a range drainage services for our clients including but not limited to; Installing new road drainage & pits and coating of sewerage manholes. AWS conduct these works efficiently to meet our clients requirements.

Looking for Quality Civil Drainage Services?

AWS has over 20+ years experience completing drainage works in the public and private sectors on local and main roads. Providing high quality drainage installations and associated excavation services in accordance with the Australian standards. 

AWS are certified and trained to provide you with specialised drainage services for all sized projects, big or small. We pride ourselves on our quality and environmental awareness while delivering projects on time and within budget.

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Range of subservices

Our drainage services vary from remediation of existing drainage to establishing new drainage in areas.

Pipeline construction

Stormwater drainage construction

Confined space entry works

Manhole construction

Water & sewer reticulation

Pipe testing and CCTV

Why choose AWS?

AWS Services have over 20 years’ experience in civil drainage projects completed for clients Australia wide.  

Our highly-skilled engineering team offers a tailored service to each of our customers through the provision of expert advice. We offer new and repairs to established drainage as required and we pride ourselves on our ability to support our clients throughout the life of the structures being maintained.  For a site inspection, or to discuss your new & remediation requirements, please speak to our experts.

FAQ about Civil & Commercial Drainage

Before we can answer this, lets first get an understanding of what drainage is. Drainage is the natural evacuation of surface and sub-surface water from a targeted area. The water can be redirected elsewhere to rivers, creeks, and other outlets and in some cases this water can be stored on site in a tank known as an OSD Tank (On site detention tank) and in some cases can be used as irrigation water for gardens. This is done in an effort to avoid saturation of land and many types of damage to homes, commercial property, and civil assets. Generally, during bad weather it is important that excess water is removed to avoid damage to buildings, reduce the risk of flooding and in cases where roads are flooded, to remove the risks associated with aquaplaning. 

It is important to have a reliable drainage system so that you are able to mitigate the damages that are common when water is able to saturate the ground around a structure that could result in leaking, concrete spalling, and rising damp to name a few.

As experienced and well-established civil drainage contractors and commercial drainage contractors, AWS Services can offer our clients a solution that is most effective in their unique situation. AWS Services can design, supply, and install a custom drainage solution to meet your individual needs. Call us today and chat to one of our experienced and professional team to arrange a site inspection and obligation free quote.

There are many types of drainage that can be used, depending on the environment that they are being used and the volume of water that needs to be evacuated. Most commonly, surface drainage, which is the removal of water that collects on land surface, is used in the domestic, commercial, and civil environments. Notably, there are several ways in which drain the collection of excess water via a surface drainage system, more commonly however, Civil drainage contractors and commercial drainage contractors will use, namely:

  • Stand Alone drainage systems – These pits are placed at the point in which the trench, that make use of Agi pipes, drain system empties the water underground
  • Open Swales – swales are open drainage channels that slow down passing water and absorb into the porous soil.
  • Grated Trench Drains – This system employs an angled grade on both sides of a linear trench to move water and waste into a point in the channel, which is then evacuated into an underground pipe, where this water can be reused or simply added into an existing water network
  • OSD Tanks – these tanks collect the water and keep it onsite to be repurposed for uses such as irrigation. 

AWS Services have the expertise to advise on the best drainage systems for your upcoming or existing project. Our experience as both commercial drainage contractors, delivering on multiple projects that require a keen eye for detail and ingenuity as well as being a trusted civil drainage contractor where ensuring the effective and reliable drainage of state and privately owned assets is of utmost importance. For a free, no obligation quote, call us and chat to one of experienced civil and commercial drainage teams.

Road surface drainage deals with the drainage of stormwater from the road surface and the surfaces adjacent to the asphalt road. Several elements can be used to intercept or capture this runoff and facilitate its safe discharge to an appropriate receiving location. These elements include: 

  • kerb and channel 
  • edge and median drainage
  • table drains and blocks  
  • diversion drains and blocks 
  • batter drains 
  • catch drains and banks 
  • drainage pits 
  • pipe networks. 

Subsurface drainage deals with the interception and disposal of subterranean (groundwater) flows with predominate drainage element being sub-soil drainage. 

AWS Service’s market position, extensive experience and team capability allow us to be one of the most trusted and relied on civil drainage contractor and commercial drainage contractor. Our unique approach to problem solving and unrivalled customer service will ensure that we are able to deliver your next civil drainage or commercial drainage project on time and in budget. 

We provide quality drainage services throughout Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.

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