Facade & Heritage Restoration

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Professional facade restoration, masonry repairs, heritage building services & specialist cleaning


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Scaffold-free Facade

Using platforms instead of scaffolding, we have carried out concrete/masonry repairs, repointing, roofing, painting, mastic replacement and waterproofing on many high profile buildings across Melbourne and further afield.

Heritage Building Restoration

Our work is across Melbourne, Sydney & Perth. We offer grants for heritage building restoration and liaise with local councils and community organisations in getting projects off the ground. 

Fibreglass Facade Restoration

Our fibreglass restoration completed by a team of highly experienced specialists. We can do it all, from panel replacement to waterproofing. We’re committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations on time, budget and workmanship.

Strata Building Facade

AWS specialise in restoring facade of strata/apartment complex building completely, both structurally and aesthetically, with brand new finishes. This includes fibreglass, windows, balustrading, concrete, decorative features, veneer, coatings and so on.

We provide quality facade repair throughout Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.

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