Façade Repair & heritage Building restORATION

Embrace the legacy of the past while ushering in a new era of beauty and functionality with AWS Services' unparalleled façade repair and heritage building restoration services. As a distinguished construction company committed to excellence, AWS Services specializes in the meticulous preservation and rejuvenation of historic structures, breathing new life into architectural treasures while honoring their rich heritage.

Scaffold-free Facade

Using platforms instead of scaffolding, we have carried out concrete/masonry repairs, repointing, roofing, painting, blinds & plantation shutters replacement, and waterproofing on many high-profile buildings across Melbourne, & Perth.

Heritage Building Restoration

Our team of restoration specialists possesses a deep appreciation for heritage architecture and a wealth of experience in revitalizing structures of historical significance.  AWS Services has the knowledge and expertise to undertake restoration projects of any scale and complexity with meticulous attention to detail.

Fibreglass Facade Restoration

AWS Services specializes in fiberglass facade restoration, offering a multitude of benefits. By entrusting your facade to AWS, you ensure longevity and durability, as fiberglass is resistant to corrosion and weathering, reducing maintenance costs in the long term. Additionally, fiberglass restoration enhances the aesthetic appeal of buildings, revitalizing their appearance and increasing property value. With AWS Services, you gain peace of mind knowing that your facade is in expert hands, receiving top-notch restoration to preserve its beauty and structural integrity for years to come.


Strata Building Facade

AWS specialise in restoring facade of strata/apartment complex building completely, both structurally and aesthetically, with brand new finishes. This includes fibreglass, windows, balustrading, concrete, decorative features, veneer, coatings and so on.

We provide quality facade repair throughout Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.

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