Elevate your cleaning and maintenance standards with AWS Services' premium water blasting solutions. Our high-tech equipment and skilled technicians deliver powerful and precise cleaning for a variety of surfaces. From removing stubborn dirt and grime to tackling graffiti and paint, our water blasting services rejuvenate surfaces with unmatched efficiency. With a focus on safety and environmental sustainability, we utilize eco-friendly practices and adjust pressure levels to suit each surface type. Trust AWS Services to transform your spaces with sparkling cleanliness and unparalleled results. Experience the difference of our dedication to excellence in water blasting services.

Looking for Quality Water Blasting Services?

Water blasting is the process of cleaning or preparing a surface, which is a form of abrasive blasting that uses force to project water against the surface. Water blasting has many uses such as but not limited to; High pressure cleaning, preparation of surfaces prior to coating, removal of rust, cutting of concrete etc, all part of the procedure required to achieve a high quality product for our clients. Our team have a wealth of experience and proven track record in this service.

Range of Subservices

Surface Preparation

Rust and corrosion removal

Graffiti Removal

Paint stripping

Commercial cleaning

Boat Antifouling

Why choose AWS?

AWS Services have over 20 years’ experience in water blasting projects completed for clients Australia wide.  

Our highly-skilled engineering team offers a tailored service to each of our customers through the provision of expert advice. We offer water blasting services as required and we pride ourselves on our ability to support our clients throughout the life of the structures being maintained.  For a site inspection, or to discuss your remediation requirements, please speak to our experts.

We provide quality water blasting throughout Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.

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