Protective coating application is where AWS started its business like over 20 years ago. We have continued this service throughout our business life and have become experts in this field of works. AWS pride ourselves on providing high quality and cost effective solutions for our clients.

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Polyurea is a superior coating in the protective coatings industry that AWS were one of the first to use in Australia over 20 years ago. Polyurea is a fast curing, potable, chemical and heat resistant protective coating.

Sunshine Leisure Centre - Swimming Pool Restoration

Epoxy & Polyurethane

The main reasons for using epoxy floor coatings are; the ease of maintenance, chemical resistance, hygiene, safety, appearance, and moisture blocking. AWS have a wealth of knowledge in specifying and application of epoxy and polyurethane membranes.


Line Marking

AWS are committed to providing superior line marking services for all areas including civil and commerical industries. AWS can conduct works out of hours to suit the needs and requirements for the client.



Highly experienced in the applications of an array of waterproofing systems, AWS can specify and install the required products to suit your waterproofing needs. AWS have and continue to apply waterproofing membranes in a range of industries.

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Stormwater, Sewage & Lift Shaft

AWS specialises in coating storm water and sewage pits in new applications and refurbishments.

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