AWS specialises in coating storm water and sewage pits in new applications and refurbishments.

Lift Shafts Waterproofing

Experts in Fixing Leaking Lift Pits & Elevator Shafts

AWS can carry out repairs to leaking lift shafts without any major disruption or dismantling of the lift mechanism, causing you less inconvenience, down time and cost. We can work outside of normal business hours to reduce any inconvenience, including working nights or weekends.

Lift pits can leak for a variety of reasons, but they are usually a mixture of factors such as the existing waterproofing system being incorrectly applied or damaged, it was built in a time before any effective waterproofing system was able to have been installed, neighbouring construction has altered or redirected the local water table, a nearby water main has burst or drainage has blocked, and there have been large amounts of seasonal rain. 

Water can enter a lift pit though several areas including through concrete construction joints and if there are any other cracks or imperfections in the concrete walls or base, water will enter through these areas too. In traditional brick or block work lift pits ground water will enter through any weak points in the brick or block work, particularly the wall and floor joints or pointing.

AWS has the technical expertise to find the source and repair your leaking elevator pit to a high standard and with minimal disruption.

AWS is one of the only companies that can repair lift shafts, using a specific process; designed by AWS we can repair water ingress issues with your lift shaft without going to the trouble of removing all the mechanical services.

Sewage & Storm Water Pits

AWS specialises in coating storm water and sewage pits in new applications and refurbishments.

AWS are able to advise which coating suits your project. Some of the coatings that we provide are Polyurethane, Epoxy and Polyurea coatings. You can find out more about these coatings on our Protective Coatings page.

AWS was a front runner in the use of polyurea coatings within the septic and storm water environments, prior to this epoxy coatings were the standard application. The reason for the change in product was the failure in the epoxy systems due to epoxy not having the elongation required for these structures.

We provide quality stormwater works throughout Sydney, Melbourne & Perth

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