AWS Services proudly offers comprehensive grouting services designed to address a wide range of structural needs. Our expert technicians utilize advanced techniques and high-quality materials to deliver precise and durable solutions.

Epoxy Grouting

Proprietary grouts manufactured to give a range of high density high strength grouts at one end of the scale to high strength bonding grouts with Epoxy


  • High strength
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High density


  • High strength bases for Turbines and Machines
  • Excellent adhesion with Epoxy grouts
  • Special grouts for machines base vibrations
  • Very high density suitable for radioactive screening

Cementitious Grouting

Cements are particulate grouts mixed with water to give a required consistency.  High strength, readily available, low cost, general purpose grout (first used by Brunel as a soil grouting agent on the Rotherhithe Tunnel). Microfine cement extend the range of material that can be grouted.


  • High strength
  • Low cost
  • Readily available


  • General filling
  • Consolidation of granular material including gravel

Expertises and Techniques

AWS SERVICES is able to tap into a wealth of experience, and using proven, best practice methods offer a wide range of geotechnical techniques and the optimum solutions to our clients.

Precision Grouting
Tunnel Grouting
Wind Turbine Grouting
Mine Infill/Stablisation
Rock Anchor Grouting
Seawall/Dam Grouting
Road Void Grouting
Jet Grouting

Why choose AWS?

For 20 years AWS has provided grouting solutions to companies and governments right around Victoria, our proven track record of successful projects speaks for itself. AWS utilise our qualified and experienced technicians to carry out the works to the highest standards in our industry. Our technicians are able to identify the root cause of the problem and the correct methodology for the project at hand. AWS has the equipment and know how in order to provide you the right methodology for your project needs.

Given the duration we have been in the industry AWS has encountered almost everything that there is to be found, our wide knowledge base puts us miles ahead of our competition. Regardless of the situation, we will have a solution for your needs. Our machinery and capability are of the highest standards in the industry and we pride ourselves on completing projects on time and hassle free to our clients.

No matter where you are in Victoria our reach stems far and wide, we are able to provide these services you no matter your location. Although we have never had to use it, for your peace of mind, AWS carries insurances that cover all of our projects, personal and machinery.

For a trusted partnership that will not let you down when you need it most, call AWS today to experience the difference. AWS stands by our workmanship with warranties you can count on.

We provide  commercial, industrial & civil grouting throughout Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.

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