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A Comprehensive Range of

Concrete Repairs Services

A Comprehensive Range of Concrete Repairs Services

Concrete repair services is another high quality solution we provide for commercial properties, industrial facilities & strata/OC buildings. Concrete repairs can be crucial, especially if the contractor is not experienced.  We are a team of qualified repair professionals who can fix any type of concrete problem. We can complete any type of projects with our skilled team, offering maximum satisfaction.

We not only meet concrete repairs industry standards, but exceed them by offering a quality service in and around . The methods we utilise to fix concrete walls and surfaces are internationally proven. We offer  services to commercial and residential clients. With over 20 years of experience, our team is able to fix the most critical problems in concrete structures.

  • Concrete Cancer/Spalling Repairs 
  • Concrete Crack Injection 
  • Concrete Facade Restoration 
  • Concrete Expansion Joint Repairs 
  • Concrete Resurfacing & Protective Coating 
  • Concrete Road & Bridge Construction Works 
  • Commercial Grouting
  • Waterproofing of ALL Concrete Structures

Make Your Buildings Safe & Secure

When it comes to choosing a concrete repairs Melbourne based company, it is essential that you pick a contractor that is experienced, certified, and reliable. At AWS, we offer services to keep your structures protected from any damage. In order for your building to stand strong for a long time, you need to repair it on an ongoing basis.

Our team of concrete repairs professionals are not only able to fix minor concrete problems, but are also capable of handling critical repair tasks without the hassle. By making use of advanced techniques, our team of installers ensures that your structure is in pristine shape. By requesting our repair services from us, you can prolong the life of your structures.

We are 'NO.1' Concrete Cancer Specialists

Concrete Spalling Remediation

When fixing concrete cancer or cracks due to movement, you must take into account why the problem has occurred and the fact that the problem must be fixed prior to the concrete being fixed. We specialise in the repair of concrete by identifying the cause first, solving that and then fixing the concrete structure.

Concrete Cancer is caused when the steel reinforcing within a concrete slab begins to rust. As steel rusts it can expand up to 7 times its original size causing the surrounding concrete to be displaced and flaky. As the steel pushes the concrete away, more water gets to the steel expediting the process.

AWS can repair the steel within the concrete and then repair the concrete itself. Each situation is unique and requires different solutions. Once we are on site we will advise you on which system you should undertake in order to rectify your situation properly.

Bridge Deck

Concrete Culvert

Where the issue has originated in the slab on the roof of the building structure, in most cases it is likely that waterproofing will need to be undertaken. Once the rusted reinforcing has been treated, application of a waterproofing membrane will help prevent access of moisture to the slab and prolong the life of the steel and therefore the structure itself.

We Inspect, Diagnose, and Implement Cost-Effective Concrete Repair Solutions!

AWS Services excel at dealing with all types of repairs. When a client gets in touch with us, we send over a team of experts who inspect the structure, diagnose the problem, and implement an effective strategy that is not only budget-friendly, but also ideal for preserving your building.

Other Concrete Remedial Services

Road Barrier

Hydrophilic Injection

Concrete Rooftop

Protective Coating 

Concrete Waterproofing

Bentonite Waterproofing

Concrete Facade

Facade Refurnishment

Concrete Joint Repairs

Expansion Joint Restoration

Concrete Injection

Carpark Deck Repair

How We Choose the Right System To Repair Your Damaged Concrete​

AWS is able to offer concrete repair services to rectify your damaged concrete through specialist combinations.

AWS conduct professional investigations and diagnosis of the issue in order to identify the source and cause. This is vital as we need to use the best solution and prevent any further problems. Once the cause of the issue has been identified and confirmed, AWS will then determine the optimum repair system for each specific application.

AWS access the most advanced technologies in concrete repair and preservation from leading manufacturers from around the world to reinstate the structural integrity of any concrete structure. At AWS we strictly adhere to all manufacture and design specifications ensuring that the right system is used and applied correctly for your project.

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